Call for Speakers

April 25th

Apps for Health is one of Ontario's premier information-sharing, networking and recruiting events for digital health industries.

Apps for Health Themes

  1. Canadian Context | Canadian based companies and individuals are thriving and taking over the market! Experts from this field come from all across Canada.
  2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship | Innovation and entrepreneurship is the key to economic growth and the transformation of products, processes and services that meet the market need. New companies, new theories, and new ideas.
  3. Think Big! | Anything big! From big data, to problem solving, blockchain and Internet of Things, cloud computing, business and artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These big topics have small details that contribute to the extent of their field.
  4. Apps & Connected Health | Apps and connected health have taken over the world. This stream will focus on programming languages, telehealth, specific applications, standards for health, interoperability and more.
  5. International Outlook | Healthcare technology is blooming worldwide. Take a look into the advances of healthcare that has been made outside of Canada and the future of it.

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April 26th

FHIR North is aimed at building awareness, knowledge and experience around the HL7 & FHIR healthcare interoperability standard in Canada.

FHIR North Streams

Code Camp

A hands-on developer session aimed at showing you how to leverage the latest standards to build systems. Bring a laptop and let's get hands-on!

  1. FHIR for Beginner: Understand the FHIR model and create a FHIR client to exchange data with a server.
  2. SMART on FHIR: Understand the SMART on FHIR security framework for building FHIR-based apps and create a SMART app which uses this technology.
  3. Apps for Health: Create native mobile applications in iOS and Android using open source libraries for each platform.

FHIR Academy

The FHIR Academy is a series of talks and networking sessions for people who are involved in planning, designing, and overseeing health interoperability. There are only a few of the topics that will be discussed:

  1. Cerner's Roadmap: This session will talk about plans at Cerner for building the next generation of interoperability.
  2. CDS Hooks: This session will discuss the new and very popular CDS Hooks framework for pluggable Clinical Decision Support tools.
  3. Interoperability Panel: This interactive panel will feature speakers from government and industry talking about challenges, plans, and opportunities emerging for interoperability in Canada and abroad.
  4. And Much More!

If you would like to be a speaker for FHIR North please click the button below.

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